Welcome to Orange City, Iowa, the start of RAGBRAI® XLV!

Orange City, Iowa, will be your overnight host town to start RAGBRAI XLV! This is our first opportunity to welcome you and showcase our beautiful community in northwest Iowa. Our volunteers are working diligently to make your Orange City RAGBRAI experience memorable. Join us July 22 for a great day of food, fun, and entertainment as we give the riders and their teams a sendoff on July 23! We are excited to be the starting host community for RAGBRAI XLV July 23-29, 2017!

Let the Music Begin!


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6 hours ago

Orange City RAGBRAI

Don't forget!Another reminder that parents and kids wanting to pick up their Orange City RAGBRAI tulips can do so tonight! Come to Arts on Central and celebrate our awesome Orange City Arts!! ...

Dont forget!

REMINDER: Parents can pick up their child's tulip from RAGBRAI on Wednesday, August 23 in the Windmill Park, anytime after 5:00 p.m.

Enjoy this particular gem 🙂

REMINDER: Parents can pick up their childs tulip from RAGBRAI on Wednesday, August 23 in the Windmill Park, anytime after 5:00 p.m.

Enjoy this particular gem :)

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Thank you for making all of the tulips! It was amazing to see them all as we rode off on our first day. 🌷

I hope the crowd favorite, the worm, has found its owner!!!!

This was amazing to see as we rode out of Orange City! It seemed to go on for miles, great job students!!

I saw this tulip leaving Orange City and laughed for miles. Loved the long line of this creativity as we left town. Great way to start the day and the week of riding.

We, too, loved the tulips as we were leaving Orange City.

The tulips were one of my favorite RAGBRAI decorations. They were all so colorful and fun!

Such a great idea 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Those tulips were AWESOOOOOOME

Loved the tulips!!!

This is my favorite send-off memory of RAGBRAI 2017. Thank you, Orange City.

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3 weeks ago

Orange City RAGBRAI

A few photos from our RAGBRAI festivities! ...

4 weeks ago

Orange City RAGBRAI

If you are interested in having the tulip your child decorated for RAGBRAI they will be put back up in windmill park on August 23rd for Arts on Central. At that time parents (or kids) are welcome to pick up their tulip and take it home with them.

Thank you to all those who worked on these! They were a huge hit!

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Certainly admired the tulip artwork.. Would have loved to be able to take one home!

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